“I own a lovely Triumph Stag, but when the hood is up the smell is awful!”

Hi Rick, very jealous this end, I would love to own a Triumph Stag!

The bad smell could be a result of the top not being up during rainfall, or can sometimes be because the previous owner was a smoker, which leaves a musty kind of smell!

I would suggest it may be worth giving the inside a good clean with Renovo’s Fabric Soft Top Cleaner, (providing there is lining on the inside of course). Firstly, paint the cleaner onto the lining and leave for an hour so the liquid can absorb into the material.

After that I would suggest you do not follow the instructions on the bottle, in which it suggests to scrub with a brush. Instead apply with a sponge, in co-operation with hot water making sure you cover any part of the vehicle inside that you do not wish to get wet. By using a sponge, it will reduce the risk of damaging the lining – but still be careful!

Repeat this process until you are confident the top is stink free 

It may also be worth noting that Renovo International Ltds new interior range of products are all scented, so if you wish to clean and protect your carpets, or leather upholstery with any of the product range, it should certainly freshen the smell within the vehicle!

I hope this helps! Feel free to contact me again if you require any further advice, or take a look at our “archive” section for all previously asked questions! Don’t forget all of our products are available for purchase via our website:

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