“I have been cleaning and treating my soft top for many years with a variety of different brands, and subsequently, my soft top has become very STIFF! Do you have any idea how I can resolve this issue?”

Hello Duncan,

Interesting question! Stiffness is a common issue fabric soft top owners can have with their top, but it will generally ease over time and in warmer weather. However, we are aware of a nifty tip!

Purchase KY Jelly – Yes, the kind you will find in the sex trade!

Use the jelly sparingly, rubbing it into the fabric with your fingertips. Yes, we know this may sound amusing, but try it for yourself on a small inconspicuous area of the soft top first before treating the whole cover. It really works!

I hope this information was helpful to you, and please feel free to contact me!

Don’t forget that all of Renovo’s products are available for purchase via our website, unfortunately, we do not currently stock KY Jelly!


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