“I have a 1930 Morris Cowley. Which of your products should I use to clean/restore/protect the black and grey coloured LEATHER cloth upholstery?”

Hello Ivan,

VERY nice!

We have recently introduced our new interior range, and the leather products are certainly proving to be popular!

You can see these products in action on our Youtube Channel!

To clean and protect your grey leather upholstery, you will need to purchase our Leather Ultra Proofer. Renovo’s new, unique and marvelous formulation not only cleans and waterproofs all colours of leather upholstery, it also protects with advanced anti-bacterial guard, is effective against super-bugs, and contains a UV inhibitor too.

Renovo’s Leather Ultra Proofer is very simple to apply and infuses your car with that new leather scent! It will also help to prevent the harmful penetration of everyday dirt into your leather seats.

We currently only stock a BLACK Leather Reviver, BUT this will be perfect for the black areas of leather upholstery – Not only does it restore the faded black colouring, it also contains all of the great benefits that the Leather Ultra Proofer features, as it cleans and protects too!

I hope this was helpful! If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us!

Don’t forget, all of our products are available on our website:




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