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“It rained before I finished the Ultra Proofer!”

Hello Greg, No need to worry! This is a common issue, as it is rather difficult to predict the weather changes! The amount of Ultra Proofer that was washed out will depend on the amount of rain that fell. Ultra Proofer is a water based product so the rainfall would have diluted its capabilities.  Therefore

“The Reviver results seem grey, not black. Why?”

Hi Sam, grey? Oh dear! We are sorry to hear you are not satisfied with the results after using Renovo products. Our products are simple and effective with their application if all instructions are followed. Of course if you were trying to change the colour of your soft top from a much lighter shade (i.e

“Can I spray on the Ultra Proofer?”

Hello Ted, We get this question asked a lot! We always advise our customers to follow the instructions on the label of the bottle when applying any of Renovo’s products. The reason for this is because the instructions on the label were written by our team of technicians and chemists, and therefore, their advice will