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“My cream leather seats have an awful cigarette smell!”

Hi Laura, Oh dear! I can certainly sympathise, sometimes the air freshener just doesn’t quite rid that cigarette smell! While it would certainly be worth freshening the vehicle with a spray, or even try to air it out a bit by leaving the doors/windows open for sometime, (I know it isn’t very pleasant in the

“Can I apply your soft top products in cold weather?”

Hi Bob,¬†always better to be safe than sorry, especially with the cold weather we have currently! In regards to using the products in cold temperatures, it is more about the storage in all honesty! As long as the product has not been stored or is being applied in below freezing temperatures, there isn’t really much

“I have black leather seats with red stitches, the seats are in very good condition but need a good cleaner and protector, will you recommend the BLACK Leather Reviver or the Neutral Ultra proofer, as i am a bit worried about the red stitches if i use the black version?”

Hi Larry, If the black seats are faded, then I would suggest masking off the red stitching and carefully use the Black Leather Reviver to restore the faded colour, however, if the seats aren’t faded, it isn’t really worth the risk of using the Black Leather Reviver, and you may as well clean and protect