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“How do I remove Soft Top Reviver from leather seats?”

Hi Ben, Oh dear, I assume you must have been painting your soft top’s interior lining! Not to worry, I have spoken with many customers who have made the same error, and I can advise you exactly how to remove Soft Top Reviver from your leather seats! Luckily, all Renovo products are water-based in order

“I have black leather seats with red stitches, the seats are in very good condition but need a good cleaner and protector, will you recommend the BLACK Leather Reviver or the Neutral Ultra proofer, as i am a bit worried about the red stitches if i use the black version?”

Hi Larry, If the black seats are faded, then I would suggest masking off the red stitching and carefully use the Black Leather Reviver to restore the faded colour, however, if the seats aren’t faded, it isn’t really worth the risk of using the Black Leather Reviver, and you may as well clean and protect

“Can I use Renovo Marine products on my soft top?”

Hi Chris, a lot of Renovo customers who shop on Ebay often find they have received Renovo Marine products and get very concerned, but let me put your mind at ease! Yes, no problem, the automotive products can be used on boats, and the Renovo Marine products can be used on cars, there is no difference