“Can I spray on the Ultra Proofer?”

Hello Ted,

We get this question asked a lot! We always advise our customers to follow the instructions on the label of the bottle when applying any of Renovo’s products. The reason for this is because the instructions on the label were written by our team of technicians and chemists, and therefore, their advice will be spot on!

The reason that we advise customers to brush on the Ultra Proofer, and not spray it, is so that the brush can be used to work the product into the fibres of your soft top, thus giving the best coverage possible.

If the Ultra Proofer were sprayed it would drift into the air and not directly onto the roof, this mode of application would not be as effective as brushing on the Ultra Proofer, and it would waste more product too.

We have even had customers attempt to apply our products using a roller, which when it works – IT WORKS!

BUT, when it doesn’t work, which is 80% of the time, then you can have a horrifically patchy appearance with the Soft Top Reviver, or if you attempt to apply the Ultra Proofer with a roller, it often leaves areas unprotected.

I hope this was helpful! Feel free to contact me if you have any further questions, or take a look at our “archive” for all previously asked questions! Don’t forget, all of our products are available for purchase via our website:


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