“I used your Reviver on my top, which worked GREAT! But, I splashed some on my paintwork!”

Hi Craig, Oh dear, not to worry though! It is very easy to remove the Reviver from your paintwork!

The Soft Top Reviver, – like all Renovo products, is water-based, in order to be entirely kind to the fabric of your soft top, as well as your paintwork and/or windows. Given that the fabric dye formulation of the Reviver is water-based, it will break down using hand hot water, and is not capable of permanently adhering to paintwork or glass.

Hence, you will be able to remove Reviver that has been allowed to dry on the paintwork by using hot water together with a quality car shampoo. You can also gently and carefully remove any splash of Reviver by easing it off with your thumbnail.

Depending on how much of the product has been allowed to dry onto the body work, you may find that a few washes are required to obtain the desired result.

I hope you found this information helpful, take a look at our “archive” section for all previously asked questions! Don’t forget all of our products are available for purchase via our website:

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