“Are Renovo products safe to use on my top and will they harm paintwork?”

Hi Graham,

The simple answer is NO, they will not harm paintwork or windows!

All of Renovo’s products are water-based in order to be entirely kind to your soft top, paintwork and windows. I believe the main confusion about this matter is because of a lot of the pictures that circulate online that show a customer using tape to cover their paintwork or windows.

Of course there is no harm in covering your windows or paintwork with tape when applying Renovo products, but don’t panic if you do happen to accidentally splash a little onto your vehicles bodywork. Any splashes that you make during the application process, can be easily wiped off with a damp cloth, so always make sure you have one nearby!

As you can see by the picture on the right, customer felt a little cautious when applying Renovo products, and has used tape to cover the paintwork of his vehicle! If it helps you feel more at ease when applying our products, then do what you must!

If the marks have been allowed to dry on to your paintwork or glass, you can easily remove them with a mixture of hot water and quality car shampoo. However, I have found that once products such as the Soft Top Reviver have been allowed to dry on your paintwork/windows, they can be easily eased off with your thumbnail.
An added bonus to Renovo products being water based, is that it rules out any chemical reaction that can take place between the Fabric Soft Top Cleaner, Soft Top Reviver, and the Ultra Proofer.
I hope this has put your mind at ease, and feel free to contact me again if you have any further questions or take a look at our “archives” page to check out all previously asked questions.
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