“Does my MX5 have a fabric or a vinyl soft top!”

Hi Melody,

Good question! A lot of MX5 owners find this confusing, so you’re not alone!

A Mazda MX5 can have either a fabric or a vinyl soft top, it depends on what the original owner ordered when they purchased the car and indeed whether the factory fitted soft top has been replaced at some point in the car’s history. As a general visual guide, a fabric soft top will have a woven thread/material like texture, not dissimilar to tent material, whilst a vinyl soft top will have a more grainy plastic like look to it.

If the top is fabric, then the following products are suitable for treating the hood:

Fabric Soft Top Cleaner – For cleaning and removing mould/algae from the soft top!

Soft Top Reviver – For restoring the faded colour of the soft top!

Ultra Proofer – For re-establishing the original ‘as new’ waterproof weather barrier!

If the top is vinyl, then the following products are suitable for treating the hood:

Vinyl Soft Top Cleaner – For preserving the condition and prolonging the life of the hood!

Vinyl Ultra Proofer – For waterproofing and conditioning your convertible roof against stains and oxidation!

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