“How much product will I need for my Saab soft top?”

Hi Phil, |t’s very difficult to advise a customer in regards to how much product they will need for their soft top, this is because there are many factors that manipulate the required quantity, such as how dirty the top is, or how faded the top is, etc.

However, as a general guide, I can tell you that our soft top products come in both 500ml and 1000ml sizes. 1000ml will cover approximately 5 square meters with one coat, (500ml will cover 2.5 square meters), this is the approximate area of two double beds, (one double bed for 500ml bottle).

When deciding on the quantity of each product, it is also very important to remember that for both the Soft Top Reviver and the Ultra Proofer, we recommend that the customer applies at least two coats of both products to their convertible top for the optimum results. This of course hints that it is advisable to purchase 1000ml rather than 500ml if you have not recently treated your top!

The Fabric Soft Top Cleaner is only available in the 500ml size, however, you can always purchase one bottle, use it all up, and then decide whether your top requires anymore cleaning before you move on to the next two stages.

I hope you found this information helpful, don’t forget you can check out our archive section for all previously asked questions! Don’t forget that all Renovo products are available for purchase via the website:


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