“Unfortunately, dye tracked onto my interior head lining in a couple of places!”

Hi Andy,

Thank you for the enquiry, sorry to hear you have had this trouble!

Unfortunately, if the Reviver has managed to spread onto the interior head lining of your vehicle, then it will be very difficult to remove. If the Reviver was able to penetrate into the interior of your car then this means that there will also be ingress of rain too. Maybe you have noticed some watermarks on the head lining previously?

I can suggest a couple of options:

1.) Use Fabric Soft Top Cleaner, a sponge and hand hot water to carefully remove as much of the Reviver from the lining as possible, however, if the dye is in the centre of the interior head lining; then this will prove to be much more difficult than if it is on the edges! Please note that there is no guarantee that you will be able to remove the Reviver completely.

2.) Change the colour of the entire interior head lining to black using Soft Top Reviver, however, there are risks involved, as the Reviver products were made to restore the original colour of a soft top’s exterior not to change the colour. This option may make the lining stiffer, it cannot be reversed and you must cover any areas in your vehicle that you do not wish to be stained by the Reviver.

I am afraid these are the only options that I can suggest – aside from having to live with it! I hope this information was helpful

If you require any further assistance, please do not hesitate to contact me! Don’t forget all Renovo products are available for purchase via our website:

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