“My fabric soft top has mould on it, what can I use to remove it?”

Hi Paul,

The best product to remove mould from a soft top, is Renovo’s Fabric Soft Top Cleaner. You should first paint the product on your soft top with a clean 5cm paintbrush. Once you have painted the cleaner onto the top, leave it for an hour to absorb into the fibres of the material.

Once the hour has passed, you must then give your top a good scrub with a soft bristle brush in conjunction with hand hot water, (the hotter the better, but please do not burn yourself!).

As you are scrubbing, you should be able to see the mould being lifted from the soft top!

After you have finished giving your soft top a good scrub, ensuring that you were careful around the stitched areas, you should then give your top a nice rinse to remove any particles of mould, and soap suds still present within the fabric!

I will also add that it is important that you NEVER rinse your top with a jet washer, as it can cause permanent damage to your soft top that even we cannot mask!

You may have to repeat this whole process until you are satisfied with the final result!

Once the top is beautifully clean, you may want to consider restoring the colour with Renovo Soft Top Reviver, and then keeping it protected using Renovo Ultra Proofer!

I hope this answers your question! Take a look at this fantastic example of a fully restored soft top from a Renovo customer!

As you can see, the mould has been completely lifted from the soft top – A VERY happy customer!

WHen the customer had cleaned his top, he masked any scarring cuased by the mold taking root with with the Soft Top Reviver, and then made sure his top is protected with the Ultra Proofer!

I hope this information has been helpful, feel free to contact me if you have any further questions!

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