“I have been using your cleaner, but can’t seem to shift the mould from my top, please see the photo I have submitted!”

Hi Mark,

Thank you for the response.

As I do not know the full history of the vehicle’s top, I can only advise you from my own experience and also from looking at the picture that you have submitted.

Judging by my expertise with convertible tops, I believe that the marks present on the photo that you submitted are not mould or algae, they are in fact damage known as “scarring”. This occurs when the top has been allowed to be so badly ingrained with mould, that it has taken root within the membrane and caused permanent damage to the top. Then once the top is thoroughly cleaned, and mould is removed, it then leaves the scarring behind, which unfortunately is not removable.

I can only recommend that you remove the Ultra Proofer that you have so far applied. To expedite this use Renovo Fabric Soft Top  Cleaner following these instructions:-

Mist spray the top and then paint on Fabric Soft Top Cleaner leave the solution to process for approximately one hour, the optimum time for the active ingredients to work. Using hand hot water the surface should then be scrubbed with a bristle brush, being careful around stitched areas. It is essential to use hand hot water. Finish by rinsing off with water. Repeat the whole process as necessary.

It is imperative to check that all the Ultra Proofer has been removed after the cleaning process! To expedite this test you can simulate a shower of rain (not a soaking) with a rose attachment on a watering can. If the sprinkling of water from the watering can soaks in evenly all over then so will Reviver, as it is a water-based product.

When you are sure that you have removed all previously applied Ultra Proofer you can start to apply fresh Reviver in order to help mask these marks, unfortunately, the Reviver may not thoroughly mask these marks, but should be of some improvement. We recommend applying at least 2 coats but no more than three to the whole top! You will then need to apply Ultra Proofer to keep the top protected from being ingrained with dirt any further.

I hope you found this information helpful, please feel free to contact me if you require any further assistance. Don’t forget, all Renovo products are available for purchase via our website:

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