“I have a damaged top on a Boxster that appears to have chemical damage, like bleached in some areas. Would like to send you a pic to see if you think your product might work. Please HELP!  Also do you guarantee the finish for a period of time?  Also does it hold up in very cold weather?”

Hi Brian, chemical damage is a common issue caused by soft top owners who do not research how to take care of the hood properly!

We would be happy to take a look at some photographs of your damaged soft top. However, in the absence of a photograph we can say that our Soft Top Reviver product was developed to add depth of colour to faded fabric soft tops. Reviver will deposit the colour evenly over the whole soft top; it is not able to selectively deposit extra colour molecules in areas that are more faded. So, as a result, although the soft top will be darker in general it may well still be possible to see the lighter areas. Also, the Reviver is water based so if the lighter areas that you describe are hydrophobic in nature, then the Reviver will not be able to absorb into the fabric.

The period of time for the finish to last will be dependent on the usage, washing of the soft top, storage of the car, whether one or two coats of Reviver are applied and whether Ultra Proofer is applied to waterproof and protect the fabric after the Reviver.

Renovo products are all water based in order to be entirely kind to the fabric of a soft top so it is best to use them at temperatures around the mid teens, not in freezing weather or when it is a really warm day, use out of direct sunlight and on a cool soft top i.e. one that has not been parked in direct sunlight prior to starting the Renovo treatment.

I hope this information was helpful! Please feel free to contact us if you have any further questions!

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