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“My double-duck soft top has badly faded and shows water marks: your Reviver looks promising, but how do I know if its been waterproofed? How do I get it off prior to putting the Reviver on? Also, can you help me with my cloudy plastic window?”

Hi Geoff, First of all, thank you for asking this question instead of just going ahead and applying the Reviver to your soft top, before removing the proofer! You would be amazed by how many people ask AFTER applying it! If you are aware of the brand of proofer on the top, then you should

“The Plastic Window Polish won’t polish off!”

Hi Bill, To get the best results from Renovo Plastic Window Polish, shake the bottle well then pour it sparingly on to a clean lint free/microfibre cloth. Apply to small areas of the window at a time, working the polish onto the surface in a circular motion. As soon as the area treated dries to

“I have a very cloudy plastic rear view window, WHY?”

Hello Sue, This is a very common issue, especially if the car has been on the road for a number of years. The cloudiness is usually due to fine surface scratches and sometimes yellowing that appears through wear and tear over years of usage. The best Renovo product to resolve this issue is our Plastic