“Do Renovo make a grey or beige Reviver for my convertible top?”

Unfortunately, Renovo do not make a grey or beige Reviver colour variant as there are simply too many shades of grey and beige for us to be able to keep all our customers happy. However, I can offer you two alternative options:- You can preserve your convertible top’s original grey or beige colour by cleaning […]

“What is the best way to clean, restore and protect the hood of my Jaguar convertible?”

To get the best possible results and to breathe new life into your convertible hood, I would recommend that you treat your Jaguar’s soft top with our three stage process, using the following Renovo products: 1.) Fabric Soft Top Cleaner 2.) Soft Top Reviver 3.) Ultra Proofer Step one – To begin, you need to […]