General Enquiries:

How do I know if my soft top is fabric OR vinyl?

Are Renovo products safe to use on my top and will they HARM my paintwork?

I have applied your Ultra Proofer, but it is not beading when wet! WHY?

The products on EBAY don’t seem to be as good as getting it directly from you. Are there cheap options out there which are not the real thing?

Can I use Renovo Marine products on my soft top? Is there any DIFFERENCE between the Soft Top Reviver and the Boat Canvas Reviver?

“I have been cleaning and treating my soft top for many years with a variety of different brands, and subsequently, my soft top has become very STIFF! Do you have any idea how I can resolve this issue?”

Fabric/Vinyl Soft Top Questions:

My Mercedes CLK has mould growing on it, WHAT can I use to remove it?

How do I REMOVE previously applied proofer before applying Soft Top Reviver?

My BMW has been parked under a tree and has bird droppings on the soft top, HELP! What can I do to get it all off?

Do you make a grey Soft Top Reviver?

“I recently bought a lovely Triumph Stag, but when the hood is up the smell is awful! Dank & musty, any tips to get rid of the stink?”

Rain is getting in to my BMW, through my soft top, WHAT can I do to stop it?

My Mini’s previous owner jet washed the soft top, which left lines across the fabric. Will your Reviver get RID of the lines?

I have applied your Ultra Proofer, but it is not beading when wet! WHY?

What is the best way to apply your Ultra Proofer? Can I SPRAY it on?

What is the best way of regularly cleaning my Saab soft top? Also how OFTEN do I need to apply Ultra Proofer?

My car’s roof exterior is in good condition but the interior is faded where it is folded back, plus faint mildew marks. I want to restore the inside of the roof only, is there a product for this?

It rained before I finished the Ultra Proofer, what should I do?

“My top has lighter stripes in two points over the upright arch which hold the car roof. I ask if I could use the Reviver in those areas to cover the lines?”

My Mazda RX7 has a VINYL soft top. Can I use the Soft Top Reviver on it?

Can I CHANGE my E500 convertible’s beige/tan soft top to black?

“I don’t know if my MX5 has a fabric or a vinyl soft top, how do I check this? I want to clean and protect it but I’m unsure which of your products the right ones to buy are.”

“My VINYL soft top appears to be deteriorating! Do you know why this may have happened?”

“I intend to use Renovo fabric soft top cleaner on my convertible, as recommended by HONEST JOHN! Do I need to proof the soft top afterwards?”

“I have bought your colour reviver in dark red. I have used your cleaner first on my soft top, and it looked a lot cleaner. My problem is that the red is TOO dark! Is there a lighter shade? If not how do I remove it?”

“My 1965 TR4A has a vinyl soft top, the cream INSIDE is stained and badly mildew marked. Which of your products would be best to clean it or perhaps to dye it black if the marks do not come out?”

“I have a nearly new black mohair roof on a 1998 VW golf cabriolet. The original roof to the car would have been blue. Will your Soft Top Reviver RE-COLOUR from black to a navy blue?”

“Hi I want to colour my SAAB Convert Hood. The condition is very good. How much quantity do I need?”

“Used your Black Soft Top Reviver with good results. Unfortunately, dye tracked onto interior head-lining in a couple of places. Before making things worse, can you recommend a cleaner & or process that would remove dye from liner?”

“I have a damaged top on a Boxster that appears to have chemical damage, like bleached in some areas. Would like to send you a pic to see if you think your product might work. Please HELP!  Also do you guarantee the finish for a period of time?  Also does it hold up in very cold weather?”

Plastic Window Questions:

Can Plastic Window Polish be used on caravan windows AND clear car headlights?

I followed the instructions for the Plastic Window Polish but found it wouldn’t come off by polishing and had to wash it off. WHY?

I have a plastic rear view window; it’s gone all cloudy, WHY?

“My plastic window has a network of what looks like CRACKS! What has caused this and will your Plastic Window Polish help reduce them?”

Leather, Interior & Carpet Questions:

Should I use your Interior Proofer OR your Soft Top Proofer to nourish vinyl seat covers?

Which of your products should I use to clean/restore/protect the black and grey coloured LEATHER cloth upholstery?

Do I need to use the Carpet Ultra Proofer, AFTER using the Black Carpet Reviver?

“I have cream LEATHER seats in my BMW that look grey and dirty, can you recommend a product that will make them look fresh and cream again?”

I have seen your Interior Ultra Proofer in the AUTO EXPRESS magazine! Could you tell me a bit more about it?