Top Tips Archive

General Enquiries:

How do I know if my soft top is fabric OR vinyl?

Are Renovo products safe to use on my top and will they HARM my paintwork?

I have applied your Ultra Proofer, but it is not beading when wet! WHY?

The products on EBAY don’t seem to be as good as getting it directly from you. Are there cheap options out there which are not the real thing?

Can I use Renovo Marine products on my soft top? Is there any DIFFERENCE between the Soft Top Reviver and the Boat Canvas Reviver?

Fabric/Vinyl Soft Top Questions:

My Mercedes CLK has mould growing on it, WHAT can I use to remove it?

How do I REMOVE previously applied proofer before applying Soft Top Reviver?

My BMW has been parked under a tree and has bird droppings on the soft top, HELP! What can I do to get it all off?

Do you make a grey Soft Top Reviver?

Rain is getting in to my BMW, through my soft top, WHAT can I do to stop it?

My Mini’s previous owner jet washed the soft top, which left lines across the fabric. Will your Reviver get RID of the lines?

I have applied your Ultra Proofer, but it is not beading when wet! WHY?

What is the best way to apply your Ultra Proofer? Can I SPRAY it on?

What is the best way of regularly cleaning my Saab soft top? Also how OFTEN do I need to apply Ultra Proofer?

My car’s roof exterior is in good condition but the interior is faded where it is folded back, plus faint mildew marks. I want to restore the inside of the roof only, is there a product for this?

It rained before I finished the Ultra Proofer, what should I do?

Plastic Window Questions:

Can Plastic Window Polish be used on caravan windows AND clear car headlights?

I followed the instructions for the Plastic Window Polish but found it wouldn’t come off by polishing and had to wash it off. WHY?

I have a plastic rear view window; it’s gone all cloudy, WHY?

Vehicle Interior Questions:

Should I use your Interior Proofer OR your Soft Top Proofer to nourish vinyl seat covers?

Which of your products should I use to clean/restore/protect the black and grey coloured LEATHER cloth upholstery?