“After applying Reviver to my soft top, white swirls appeared, why?”

Hi Andy, I am sorry to hear that white swirls have appeared! This does not usually happen, and I am confident I can help. Renovo products are highly effective in their application and easy to use, providing the severely soiled instructions are followed.

Judging from experience and the pictures that you have sent me, I feel I have come up with an accurate diagnosis and remedy for your issue. I believe the white swirls are a result of the Reviver being applied without thoroughly cleaning the soft top properly with the Fabric Soft Top Cleaner. The top MUST be cleaned first because if there is any proofing agent still present on the top, then the, (water-based), Reviver is unable to absorb into the fibres of the top, creating this swirled, patchy result.

The remedy for this is fairly straight forward, – essentially you need to start again! You will need to remove all of the Reviver that you have applied so far, and any proofer that still might be present on the top. To do this, you need to use the Fabric Soft Top Cleaner, following these instructions:

Mist spray the top and then paint on the Fabric Soft Top Cleaner with a paintbrush. You must then leave the product to absorb into the fibres for approximately an hour to produce the optimum result.Then, using hand hot water, (the hotter, the better!), you must give the top a good scrub with a soft nail brush… Of course be careful around stitched areas. You then need to rinse out the top. You may need to repeat this process.

You must check that all proofing agents have been removed before you apply the Reviver again. You can do this by simulating rain water using the rose attachment on a watering can. If the light drops begin to bead on the top, then you need to repeat the cleaning process, however, if they are able to absorb into the material, you are then ready to apply the Reviver.

Once you have applied your two coats of Reviver, and you are satisfied, you need to remember to purchase the Ultra Proofer and apply two coats in order to keep your top protected!

I hope you found this information helpful, and please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any further questions! Don’t forget that all of our products are available for purchase via the Renovo website:

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