About Us

We at Renovo International Ltd are well renowned for our prestigious range of car care products suitable for use on both fabric and vinyl soft tops and your vehicle’s interior!  Our products have proved to be highly effective in their application, so much so that some are used in widely diverse marketplaces such as marine, aeronautics, and awning restorations to name just a few.

We are always willing to help and advise our customers with our expertise, to ensure we maintain are superb reputation for customer service. With this in mind, we have created this blogging site, in which we will answer the questions that YOU submit, and then share the answers for ALL to see!

All questions will be responded to as quickly as possible via email, and then posted onto “Top Tips from Renovo’s Soft Top Doc!” Please note your name will be altered in order to respect your privacy. Each email sent out will feature exclusive information packs regarding Renovo International Ltd’s products, written by our team of experts.