Welcome to Top Tips from Renovo’s Soft Top Doc!”

This automotive blogging website was created by Renovo International Ltd’s highly skilled team of car care and car cleaning experts, for the sole purpose of sharing their knowledge to answer any questions you may have!

Renovo are well renowned for their prestigious range of car care products suitable for use on both fabric & vinyl soft tops and now your vehicle’s interior! In addition to their excellent products, Renovo equally pride themselves on their superb reputation for customer service. With this in mind, they have created this website, in which they can answer the questions that YOU submit, and then share the answers for ALL to see!

All questions will be responded to as quickly as possible via email, and then posted onto “Top Tips from Renovo’s Soft Top Doc!” Please note your name will be altered in order to respect your privacy. Each emailed response will feature exclusive information packs regarding Renovo International Ltd’s products!

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